Embitterment Chocolate Bitters (100ml)

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Embitterment Chocolate Bitters are perfect for the “chocolohic” cocktail enthusiast. Whether you’re in the market for a chocolate martini without the messy syrup, or you want to dress up your morning coffee, these chocolate bitters are the product for you.

While so many brands try to “dress up” their chocolate bitters with other flavors, we prefer to keep it simple. By sourcing incredible-quality fair-trade cacao, we allow this ancient, sacred ingredient to flourish on your palate. A few supporting spices add their flavors to create a nuanced harmony…but there’s no question that chocolate is the star of the show.

Flavor Profile: Dark chocolate, baking spice, hints of orange

Recommended Cocktails: Old Fashioned, Boulevardier, Manhattan, Espresso Martini

This product really sings when paired with barrel-aged spirits, such as whiskey, dark rum, or Cognac. In the process of toasting or charring barrels, certain compounds (like aldehydes and vanillins) are released from the wood. These compounds pair exceedingly well with chocolate, which is why Embitterment Chocolate Bitters are such a homerun in cocktails that feature barrel-aged spirits.

What sets our chocolate bitters apart from the pack are:

  • No sweeteners
  • No dyes or coloring
  • A proprietary blend of premium cacao and exotic spices

If you’re really adventurous, you can start employing these bitters in cream-based cocktails and nogs (such as flips, nogs, and Coquito). Many bartenders have even told us that it’s their secret weapon when crafting the perfect espresso martini.

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