Embitterment Orange Bitters (100ml)

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Embitterment Orange Bitters are bursting with fresh orange oil and a hint of spicy ginger. Whether you’re crafting a Manhattan, a Martini, or something a bit more modern, these unsweetened, intensely focused orange bitters will be the star of your next cocktail.

This is our best-selling individual flavor of all time, and we think we know why. Instead of trying to overcomplicate things with lots of spices and herbs, we set out to squeeze every bit of delicious orange essential oils out of our freshly zested oranges.

Flavor Profile: Sweet orange, bitter orange, ginger…did we mention orange?

Recommended Cocktails: Martini, Manhattan

If Aromatic bitters are the most called-for flavor extract in the cocktail world, then orange bitters are almost definitely the most versatile. Orange is a flavor that plays well with both barrel aged spirits (like whiskey or dark rum) or clear spirits (like gin, vodka, or agave spirits). What sets our Embitterment Orange Bitters apart from the pack are:

  • No sweeteners
  • No dyes or coloring
  • A proprietary blend of fresh and imported orange peels

Find out why bartenders at our local bars in Washington, DC won’t leave us alone when they run out of these incredible orange bitters. Once you try them, we have a feeling that you just might have a new favorite tool in your mixological toolkit.

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