Typhoon Tiki Bitters (4 oz)

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Typhoon Tiki Bitters by Embitterment gather tropical ingredients from around the world to paint an island scene for your palate. Warm bass notes of allspice and nutmeg mingle with coconut and lime peel, building to a flourish of hibiscus as brilliant as a Polynesian sunset.

Tasting Notes: Bright, citrusy, and floral, with abundant base notes of tropical spices.

Noteworthy Ingredients: Lime Peel, Kefir Lime Leaf, Clove, Allspice, Rose Petals

Cocktail Uses: Tiki Cocktails. Pairs well with Rum, Tequila, Mezcal, and Pisco.

About Typhoon Tiki Bitters

Tropical islands have always captivated Western minds with their flavors and culture, and no trend captures this intrigue better than the mysterious world of Tiki drinks.

For servicemen returning to America after World War II, Tiki was a reminder of simpler, less industrial times where men and women could enjoy good food and drink, and relax however they wanted, without worrying about what the neighbors would think.

A fusion of Caribbean flavors like rum, orgeat, and curacao, and Pacific novelties like pineapple, Tiki cocktails are a truly international phenomenon. These complex concoctions may be refreshing and easy to sip, but sweet syrups and tangy fruit juices often conceal a legendary potency.

How to Enjoy

Typhoon Tiki Bitters by Embitterment are best used to add a Tiki flair to non-traditional cocktails and spirits. Pair them with Pisco for a Tiki sour, or swap them into your favorite Martini recipe when you want to be reminded of clear water, soft sand, and a light breeze moving through the palms.

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