Drink Responsibly, Experiment Boldly

The Modern Bar Cart Podcast is an industry-leading broadcast featuring interviews with bartenders, distillers, authors, and historians about the most fascinating topics in the spirits and mixology worlds. As a leading knowledge base and community hub for professional bartenders and home drinks enthusiasts alike, we’re here to provide the tools and techniques that make delicious drinks.

Hosted by spirits judge, drinks consultant, and cocktail expert Eric Kozlik, The Modern Bar Cart Podcast explores deep and emerging questions about why the pursuit of flavor is part of a rich and meaningful life. Whether in the form of an in-depth, long-form interview or a laser-focused audio essay, each episode stands as a crucial piece in the living mosaic of spirits and cocktail culture.


Drink Responsibly, Experiment Boldly
Drink Responsibly, Experiment Boldly

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Browse our full collection of cocktail recipes to learn the ingredients, principles, and techniques that will dazzle your guests the next time you mix up a round of drinks.

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