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Please Note: We do not possess a liquor license. If you wish to schedule an event involving spirits or cocktail tasting, a valid liquor license must be present, as well as liability insurance that covers the scope of the event and/or venue.

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Corporate Events

Corporate & Private Events

Modern Bar Cart is also pleased to offer a wide range of corporate and private event options. Whether you’re looking for a private tasting, a bitters-making class, or something else entirely, we’d love to put something together.

Tell us your event ideas by filling our our contact form, and we’ll be happy to look them over and get back to you. Please note, we are educators only and do not possess a valid liquor license.

Private Events

Mixology Classes

Let us teach you how to do a better job making cocktails at home. In our mixology classes, we choose a theme and spin it into an hour-long class that covers the history, technique, and tasting components of whatever corner of the cocktail universe we’re focusing on.

Please note: A valid liquor license & liability insurance must be present.

Mixology Classes
Bitters-Making Classes

Bitters-Making Classes

Bitters are hot. Why not let the pros teach you how to make them in the comfort of your own home? At our bitters making classes, we demystify the scientific process of extraction and let you get up-close and personal with some herbs, spices, and botanicals that you might not have lying around at home. You leave the class with a bottle of our Embiterment Bitters and a jar of your own creation to take home and enjoy.

Tasting Seminars

Let’s face it: spirits and cocktail tasting is difficult. But with a little bit of instruction, you can go from someone who think bourbon tastes “sweet” or “smooth”, to someone who can identify the more subtle nuances of the craft. We work with distilleries and brands to create special tasting classes catered toward their unique products, as well as themed tasting classes that focus on specific types of spirits or cocktails.

Please note (as above): A valid liquor license & liability insurance must be present.

Tasting Seminars