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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast is a spirits and cocktail podcast for home bartenders and industry pros alike. Featuring interviews with bartenders, distillers, and cocktail authors, and deep dives into the most important topics in mixology, this is your portal into the shaken, stirred, strained, and garnished world.

Each week, host Eric Kozlik interviews leading experts in the spirits and cocktail field and distills their knowledge into helpful tips and guiding principles in the quest for better drinks. The Modern Bar Cart Podcast has been recognized by Tales of the Cocktail and The New York Times as an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to improve their spirits and cocktail knowledge.

Enjoy our backlog of well over 200 interviews, audio essays, book reviews, and more!

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Episode 196
The Lagoon of Mystery with Jayme Blaschke
Episode 195
Intro to Japanese Whisky with Nicholas Pollacchi
Episode 194
The Fault in Our Spirits
Episode 193
Equiano Rum with Ian Burrell
Episode 192
Buck, Yeah!
Episode 191
Gilded Age Cocktails with Cecelia Tichi
Episode 190
Hawaiian Agricole Rum with Kyle Reutner
Episode 189
The Bloody Mary Ritual (Breaking Bloody -
Episode 188
Reviving Ancient Stills with Dr. Eric Stroud
Episode 187
Whisky Philosophy with Billy Abbott
Episode 186
The Art and Science of Cutting Back
Episode 185
The Mint Julep: From Persia, With Love
Episode 184
Is Bourbon Broken?
Episode 183
Love and Bitters with Sother Teague
Episode 182
Coole Swan Irish Cream Liqueur with Mary
Episode 000
Episode Zero
Episode 162
Spirits of Latin America with Ivy Mix
Episode 161
Tales of the Cocktail 2020 with Caroline
Episode 160
Carbonadi Vodka with Ricky Miller
Episode 159
Copalli Rum with Elayne Duff
Episode 157
Agave Road Trip
Episode 156
The Ghost of Cocktail Future
Episode 155
Breaking Bloody (Part 1: The Tomato Man
Episode 154
Molecular Mixology with Calsin Hoyle
Episode 153
Haus Alpenz with Jake Parrott
Episode 152
Intro to Baijiu with Derek Sandhaus
Episode 151
Measurements: A Proportional Cocktail Guide
Episode 150
Great Northern Cocktails with Shawn Soole
Episode 149
Distilling the Future
Episode 148
Art of the Recipe (Part III: Ben
Episode 147
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