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The Modern Bar Cart Podcast is a spirits and cocktail podcast for home bartenders and industry pros alike. Featuring interviews with bartenders, distillers, and cocktail authors, and deep dives into the most important topics in mixology, this is your portal into the shaken, stirred, strained, and garnished world.

Each week, host Eric Kozlik interviews leading experts in the spirits and cocktail field and distills their knowledge into helpful tips and guiding principles in the quest for better drinks. The Modern Bar Cart Podcast has been recognized by Tales of the Cocktail and The New York Times as an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to improve their spirits and cocktail knowledge.

Enjoy our backlog of well over 200 interviews, audio essays, book reviews, and more!

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Episode 242
Uncle Nearest
Episode 241
Sorel: The Red Drink
Episode 240
New and Noteworthy Spirits: Fall 2022
Episode 239
Types of Wine and Spirits Tastings
Episode 238
From Sorghum, with Love
Episode 237
The Legendary Silkie with James Doherty
Episode 236
Fassbind Eau de Vie
Episode 235
Malört Report with Tremaine Atkinson of CH
Sneak Preview: Tales of the Cocktail 2022
Episode 234
Chinola Liqueur with Andrew Merinoff
Episode 233
Meated Whiskey with Matt Power of Tamworth
Episode 232
Vanishing Spirits: The Art of Whisky with
Episode 231
Picon Someone Your Own Size
Episode 230
Coming to a Death & Co. Near
Episode 229
The Art of the Barrel Pick with
Episode 194
The Fault in Our Spirits
Episode 174
Indicate THIS
Episode 163
Cocktail Ingredients You've Never Heard Of
Episode 158
Fizz vs. Spritz
Episode 146
Art of the Recipe (Part II: Craft)
Episode 145
Art of the Recipe (Part I: Origins)
Episode 133
The Death of "Smooth"
Episode 119
Mind Your Wash Line
Episode 117
Fancy Rum & Cokes
Episode 114
Maritime Cocktails
Episode 106
Mastering Your Garnish Prep Game
Episode 099
Bursting Bubbles
Episode 077
Homemade Liqueurs
Episode 076
The Milk Punch Episode
Episode 071
Fat Washed Cocktails
Episode 229
The Art of the Barrel Pick with
Episode 228
New Gin in Town
Episode 226
You Put the Bogbean in the Poitín
Episode 225
Amber Revolution: Orange Wine with Simon Woolf
Episode 224
The Worm and the Margarita
Episode 223
Rethinking Vermouth with Birk O'Halloran
Episode 211
The Science of "Switched" Cocktails with Iain
Episode 210
Fever-Tree Mixers with CEO Tim Warrillow
Episode 209
Through the Looking Glass with Deke Dunne
Episode 208
Recipes Aren't Enough
Episode 206
Redwood Empire with Lauren Patz
Episode 205
The Atlas of Bourbon & American Whiskey
Episode 203
Barr Hill Gin with Ryan Christiansen
Episode 202
Sam Calagione on the Past and Future
Episode 200
"The Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails"
Episode 090
WTF is Clairin?
Episode 032
Frontier Cocktails
Episode 031
Indian Cocktails
Episode 030
Eric Does the Lightning Round
Episode 024
Pointillism as a Metaphor for Flavor
Episode 014
Bar Cart Q&A

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